A Creative Touch

Just some finely-aged, time-tested Visual / UX design outcomes mostly from when my focus was centered on design.

Web / UX Design

  • » Rich search suggestions that update as you type showing top results grouped by Providers and Locations [2017] RutgersHealth Search Suggestions
  • » Modern UI for a comment form [2018] Comment Form UX
  • » Showcasing cinematic innovation that brings industrial level technology to the consumer market [2014] Barco Homepage
  • » Business Training & Consulting firm's modernized digital properties promote onsite and online training systems using cutting edge marketing solutions [2013] PB Homepage
  • » Intuitive dashboard streamlines product utility [2020] Editorial Dashboard
  • » Intuitive dashboard streamlines product utility [2020] Editorial Dashboard
  • » Shopping cart experience empowers users to explore options according to profile preference [2017] Cart UX
  • » Blazing fast search with flexible filtering options [2018] Decoupled Search
  • » Advanced search with custom facets provides users an ability to granularly filter site content [2019] GAO Search
  • » Family-run business website portrays character and warm atmosphere of the community they serve [2014] STP Homepage
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